ULAND 3D Artificial Plant Framed Wall Art F-A006YG

Product Specs:                                

Item No.: G0602F-A006YG                                                  Dimensions:

Color: Green/Yellow                                               1 Frame=55*55cm/pc  

Materials: 100% Fresh PE                                           Package:      

Accessories: Installation tools                                   Box=58*58cm/box



Our artificial plant framed wall art has the characteristics of three-dimensional novelty, diverse layout possibility and convenient installation. As a kind of modern home decoration, 3D artificial green wall frames never fades allowing you to enjoy green view at any time. At the same time, framed fake green wall art is different from the traditional painting and calligraphy decoration, making the unique wall decoration a new possibility.

Our fake plant wall frame will spruce up interior space without occupying too much space and reach the effect of the overall decoration style.

When you receive the product, you can simply complete the decoration in just a few steps, and instantly make your space stylish and attractive: 

Lifelike foliage details can help create a spring feeling around.;

Metallic looking frame enhances the artistic sense of the whole work;

Eco-friendly, harmless and odorless materials eliminate your worries;

Lightly brighten your work, leisure and life in a wink.


Home, bedroom, restaurant;

Corridor, office, conference room, hotel;

Stores, coffee shops, dining hall etc.

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