ULAND Artificial Box Hedge Panel Green Long Layered A006G

ULAND Artificial Boxwood Hedge Green Long Layered A006G

Product Specs:                                

Item No.: G0602A006G                                                                    Dimensions:

Color:Green                                                    1 panel=50*50cm/pc  

Two Options: 6pcs/ctn | 12pcs/ctn                                                      covers 2.68 sq.ft 

Materials: 100% Fresh PE                                                                6 pcs=2.68x6=16.08 sq.ft

Accessories: Installation tools & Guide                                             12 pcs=2.68x12=32.16 sq.ft



Our artificial Boxwood hedging panels come in 6 pieces or 12 pieces, you can purchase according to your wall size. The foliage is set on a heavy duty matting which allows flexibility and allows you to create natural artificial boxwood panels wall. The boxwood foliage features lovely shades of green to replicate real live boxwood.

By choosing to introduce box hedges plants in your space, you're not only assured of an interesting landscape, but you will also be bringing in grace to the setting. And if you're looking to bring this magical foliage in your home without all its maintenance aspect, then our collection of instant box hedging panels is ideal. The UV stable foliage on our artificial boxwood greenery panels could prevent fading 3~5 years.

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