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  • Katie W


I've had anti-fatigue mats before and would rate most of them as "okay". They did the job but I often found they would flatten after only a few month's use or the edges would curl, creating at tripping hazard. My elderly mother lives with me so any rug or mat that curls is an automatic return or toss situation. I received this mat the day before thanksgiving and placed it in front of my oven. Needless to say, I was standing in front of that oven for 2 days off and on for probably about 10 hours total. It was comfortable throughout. I really like the texture in it, it felt good on my feet. The edges have not once curled and the mat does not slide on my tile floor. I even tried pushing it around to see if it would move, it has not. The color is also subtle and blends in with my kitchen motif. It's not difficult to clean, though it does best with a dry and then wet rag versus a vacuum or broom. I love it and plan to buy another.

  • Victoria


This mat is the perfect size for in front of the kitchen sink! I’ve been using this mat for a few days now and got to really break it in during Thanksgiving! My husband loved it because he got stuck doing dishes at the end of the night! There is a strong smell when you first open it, but it dissipated after about a day and the rug was flattened enough to function in a few hours. The brown color blends in with my floors perfectly. It looks like a faux leather finish with the color having some darker and lighter spots in it. The mat is very soft and squishy! It feels like memory foam, which is good, but in my experience memory foam mats can break down quickly especially with repetitive use. I’m hoping this mat will hold up well to the test of time and use. It is definitely not going to be damaged by anything you might spill on it. It is very easy to wipe clean, but if you were to spill something sticky and leave it there to dry, I think it would be very difficult to clean out the grooves of the embossed trellis pattern. I’m very happy with this mat and the price point is great! I would purchase it again.