2 Review

  • Laura G.


Used in the dog run. It’s is a great product so far. Dogs don't dig and it stays down nicely. Has made cleaning up after them so easy.

  • Erik C. Boehm


I wanted to wait to write this review until I could verify how it would hold up. Just a few disclaimers first. I live in the northeast dc area so the climate has all four seasons. So far installing this last fall it’s seen fall, winter (mild) and now spring. I had the cheap turf you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s for a third of the price before this. I have two mid size shiba Inu dogs that put it to the test Ok so the pros. Pretty easy to cut and install. Did my yard in just a few hours. Be sure to order stakes on here as Home Depot and Lowe’s will charge you a lot more for less. Also be sure to order enough. My yard that I covered is roughly 12 by 17 and I used every one of the stakes in the 100 count box. Don’t skimp yourself. It’s held up to dog poop, pee, weeds (mostly) and hasn’t shifted much since I installed it. It’s maintained it’s color and look for past six months. No mud from the dogs and Easy to pick up poop in the yard. Win win Good value for the money Cons I said before I had the cheaper version of this and it held up pretty well too, but it wasn’t designed for pets and the urine smell in the warmer months was gross. If you don’t have pets u will have no issues. This one unfortunately still has some urine smell but I’m hoping I can wash it with turf cleaner to fix this issue. It’s not terrible. If you don’t install every piece in the same direction it looks like you have two shades of turf. Very important as I have one piece that looks a lil off. I manage but it will mess with anyone’s ocd Lastly why I took one star off. I figured for triple the price I would get better drainage and less urine smell. Unfortunately that’s not the case and although it’s less, it’s still there. I still highly recommend this product for dog owners as life without muddy days is a blessing for your inside flooring.