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  • Jen


Ok so I HATE artificial flowers— except for these!!! I usually hate the fake, tacky look of faux flowers with their thick stems and plastic leaves- but I needed to add some color and some softness to this bar cart I am arranging- so I took a chance and order these and I am soooooo glad I did! They are “silk flowers “ but they are richer and more beautiful than anything you’d find at the craft store. They include leaves that you can add in but I don’t like the look of fake leaves so I left them out. They were so easy to arrange and I absolutely love them. I definitely recommend- and I love the wire thin stems. I was able to fill a clear glass jar and the stems barely show on the bottle bc they are so slim. review image

  • Kelly D.


I have spent a lot of money in the last few months getting ready for my daughters wedding in September. Buying multiple boxes at a time. The flowers are beautiful for being "fake". Overall I have purchased 16 boxes and I have another 1 coming. For various parts of the wedding to include the boutonnieres, table decorations, throw bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids boutique, and mom's wrist corsages. But the box I received yesterday was horrible. It wasnt even half full, there were 4 stems without flowers, what was in there was half quality then what I have been used to. I was just overall disappointed. I will be ordering more obviously because I still need to finish getting ready for everything, but I really hope that this was a fluke. This was one of the more expensive boxes so I was expecting more of it....

  • Emily


As you can see , the lighter colors have a slight sparkle, I love that! Unless you have your phones flashlight on like I did and look that closely you wouldn't know they were fake. It also came with a code for 30% off purchases from their website. I you want more than one and have time to wait you should get the second (and more) from there!