Cases of Artificial Plants Project from Customers

Artificial Topiary Art

Artificial topiary

The artificial topiary always catch people’s eyes because of its unique design. No matter the topiary letters or large topiary models, covering with artificial plants make the ordinary decorations more prominent. The light strips wrapped around the topiary make it an attractive landscape at night.

Artificial Plants Wall Decor

Artificial plant wall decor

The artificial plants wall can add an injection of color into the space, brighten a certain dull wall and make the space full of vigor. It is also a novel way to combine the brand logo with the plants wall, reflecting the concept of natural health.

Exterior Artificial Green Wall

exterior artificial green wall

The stereo garage covers the exterior wall with the artificial greenery panels to enhance architectural appearance. It is a perfect substitute for the real plants because the artificial green wall is easy for installation and need no maintenance.