Just Fake It with Artificial Plants 

For those who always want some unique plant decorations but don’t want the maintenance, Uland provides every style of artificial plants without the need to trim or water. We have artificial plant panels in several varieties, dense boxwood panels or lush fern panels, which are ideal for creating realistic privacy screens or divide areas. And artificial topiary plants also look amazing, especially in an entranceway and corner of the house. Keeping some outdoors? Don’t worry. Our outdoor artificial plants are UV treated, perfect for those sunny spots, where a real plant would never survive.


Colour Injection

Adding a positive atmosphere to the room is an important function of plant decoration.  The artificial plants can add an injection of color into a room, brighten a certain dull corner and make the space full of vigor. For your simple fence or wall, the outdoor artificial plant panels can be great coverings to add aesthetic appeal along with increasing your privacy. The plant panels are not all green, some styles have exaggerated colors like red and purple, which can be used for artistic creation. And the boxwood with little white flowers provides a great combination of green foliage and flower colors, satisfying those who prefer a dash of color as well as greenery.

14Dec2010 003.jpg

Make your Home Glow

The natural plants need sunlight, which means that they can’t thrive at the corners of your house where you can't see the sun. With artificial plants, the greenery can be anywhere, even in the dark and damp bathroom. They will light up space and make your home glow. The artificial plant panels can be connected piece by piece into a large green wall, which is suitable to cover the unsightly wall in your house or be used as a backdrop. In the entranceways or porch, artificial topiary plants are cute and chic, helping you to welcome your guests. It also can be placed on the table or by the window to simply adding a presence of fresh-looking evergreens.