Artifical Vertical Garden with LED Lights

An artificial vertical garden is a system made up of interlocking panels of fake plants like fern,ivy,flowes,etc.High-quality vertical garden are lifelike, low-maintenance and long-lasting. They are usually put together in sections, by fixing the back of each panel to your wall surface with either screws, nail plugs or cable ties. A large vertical garden will be magnificent and gorgeous, suitable for business space, such as company and shopping mall. For interiors like home and office,the 3D artificial plant framed wall art will be a better choice.

frame plant.jpg


As a tiny artificial vertical garden, the frame plant wall art combines plants with picture frames. The framed plant is more flexible and space-saving than a potted plant, and more alive than a decorative painting. Round frames and square frames are available. The former is lovely and the latter is serious. These small but delicate green wall plant disk can bring green life and freshness to your living space, perfect for your modern home and wall decor, brighten up a dull wall.



The tiny artificial vertical garden has an option with LED light, which can make it standout at night. The LED lights is very durable,long lasting and energy efficient. They are conveniently powered by batteries and can be controlled to turn on and off. With LED lights, the artificial framed plants can create warm or romantic atmosphere, perfect for festival and party decoration. It is also functional to be used as night light in the corridor. 


The style and size of the plant frame can be customized.If you are interested in this product, feel free to contact us.