ULAND Dedicated to Providing the Most Realistic Hedges.

ULAND specialized in manufacturing and promoting eco-friendly & energy-saving artificial landscape products like artificial hedges, green walls or topiary plants. We have now grown into a company with the most advanced machines, the latest technology and the most professional design & sales team.

ULAND artificial greenery and plants are a maintenance-free solution for greening urban and suburban environments. ULAND offers prompt and helpful services and we are happy to work with you to achieve your desired result. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, we can help with suggestions and design solutions.



About the image:

The yellow letters look like a small house with two windows on either side and a door in the middle. The blue letter looks like a river that winds through the door (the yellow letters). The green letter symbolizes fertility. The logo represents the harmony between humanity and the natural world.

About the letters:

The “U” represents “you”, the middle white letter “M” represents “me”, and the “L” looks like a river. The “L” illustrates how people are separated by the thinnest of margins, like a narrow stream of water. The logo represents hope for peace among all people, countries and nations.

About the text:

ULAND, sounds like “your land”, which represents the desire to provide shelter for those in need all over the world, so that the less fortunate can also experience basic comforts. Not only the homeowners but also the homeless will have their own place to live.

“Everything in this world can be used by me, but none of it belongs to me.” If something belongs to me then it’s yours too, which is way it is “your land”. Hopefully, one day, the whole world will become one.

The highest goodness is like (that of) water. Water benefits all things and yet it does not compete. Water will go to the low places everyone despises and be content. Hence its way is near to that of the Tao.

The excellence of a residence is in its suitability; that of the mind is in abysmal stillness; that of associations is in their being with the virtuous; that of government is in its securing good order; that of (the conduct of) affairs is in its ability; and that of (the initiation of) any movement is in its timeliness.

And when (one with the highest excellence) does not wrangle (about his low position) no one finds fault with him.

The general meaning of this paragraph is: the virtuous man is like water which provides life but does not compete with living things. Water is willing to go anywhere, which is why water is like the “Tao”( the way or the truth). The virtuous man doesn’t call attention to himself on account of his position and he is able to keep his thoughts private. He treats others sincerely; he is friendly and selfless and he is a man of his word. If he was the leader of a country, he would govern fairly. He seizes opportunities and uses them to his advantage. A man can rid himself of sorrow and worry only after he rids himself of needless competition. We wish to use ancient Chinese wisdom to make the world a better place.

Religion foundation:

Everything in this world is a projection of our “heart”. Therefore the whole universe is equal to “your land” (or your world). “Your land” is our “heart”; from the beginning our heart was clean and plentiful. The logo looks like a clear spring flowing from the heart to purify People’s hearts and beautify this world.





Uland is No.1 brand that inject charity concept into its Business philosophy.